I am still making and donating masks to select non profits and also offering personal masks for sale, made to order. I use the Deaconess Health Systems pleated style design, because it fits everyone and gives good coverage. I have made a few design and function improvements since making the first ones. 

Masks are created with 2 layers of quality 100% cotton, which is the current recommended best method/material for cloth masks.
Soft cotton handmade cloth ties are so comfy against your skin, the top ones tying easily over the ears and behind your head, the bottom tie behind your neck. Ties seem to be the favorite instead of elastic, because once the mask is easily adjusted to fit your face, you can pull the mask down and basically wear it around your neck, and then pop it back into place when you need to. (Also elastic apparently hurts people's ears and one size does not fit all.)
There is an opening on top to insert the filter of your choice. At the moment there is no clear credible guidance for what to use for a filter but hopefully it will come soon.  Note: much unknown about the chemicals in vacuum bags and HEPA filters. It could be more dangerous to put those chemicals in such proximity to the face. Especially fiberglass.

An optional feature is the adjustable flat aluminum nosepiece that is tucked into the top seam of the mask to tighten the mask down over your nose. This is great if you expect to be doing any talking while wearing the mask because nosepiece holds the mask in place while your mouth is moving up and down. 

Nose wire is flat slid into the seam, and you bend it to fit your nose.

Masks are $12 each
$10 for Child Size
add $3 per mask for adjustable nose wire 

Fabric choices below.  
Adult Size fits age 8 through adults. Child Size under age 8.
Email for ordering details
Here are current fabric choices

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