Frida Kahlo Sirena Mermaid Doll 
Original Art Printed on Fabric.
Frida has mandala fabric applique around her head and on her tail, a parrot on her shoulder, sparkly earrings and sequin and bead embellishments 


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13" Flying Frida Kahlo Doll 
Original Art Printed on Fabric. 
Hand embroidered legs.
Purple Butterfly Wings, Two Parrots $65
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13" Frida Kahlo Doll 
Original Art Printed on Fabric. 
Blue Butterfly Wings, Parrot, Embroidered Skirt w/Tassle Fringe and sequin and bead embellishments $65 
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Frida Kahlo as a Superhero.
Created from my original art printed on fabric.
She is 13" from tiptop to toe.
she has been sold


 Flying Frida Kahlo Sirena Mermaid Doll 
created from my original collage/drawing printed on fabric,
 hand and machine embellished with sequins, glass beads and various flowers.
Frida has a stuffed parrot on her shoulder. 16"
she is sold


This one of a kind colorful hanging 3D Frida Kahlo Sirena Mermaid Doll was created from my original collage/drawing, professionally printed on 100% cotton, hand and machine embellished with sequins, glass beads and various trims.
Frida has a stuffed parrot on her shoulder. 
 20 of these images were printed. The first attempt went into the trash. This is the second one, a success! 
I will be making more, each a one of a kind
She is 16" high. she is sold
I spent some time traveling in Mexico and Central America when I was in my 20’s (the seventies!) and was mesmerized by the spectacular embroidery and weaving from village to village.

I used to dress exactly as Frida did, although at the time I did not know anything about her. I've always worn my hair in a bun with flowers, even as a teenager which is why my father used to call me "Orchid Head".
I loved to wear huipils (traditional Mexican blouses), big skirts, flowers in my hair, wild earrings, big necklaces, and lots of silver and turquoise rings. (Actually, all these laters I still pretty much dress and adorn in a similar way!) My hair is always in a bun with flowers unless a hat is on my head.
I drew Fridas huipil from my own huipil that I got in Oaxaca Mexico, which I still have after all these years. 

Also while in those parts of the world I learned how to carry things on my head, wash my clothes in the river, and vowed when I had my own children I would carry them on my back, which I eventually did with all three of them. 

                                “Hooray for Frida!” “Hooray for Art”

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