I have made quite a few of these fiber art pieces. This is just a smattering of some that got photographed, and a few that are available.
They are photos or scans of my original art printed on fabric then quilted and embellished with applique, decorative stitching, glass beads and sequins, except for the one below. This one is applique and free motion machine embroidery.

Frida Kahlo with Butterflies 
matted and framed
20" x 24" $375.00

My first Counsel is This... 36" x 36" $650

Baha'i Prayer for the Home 17" x 14" $250

Woman with Stripes 11" x 14" $250


Bee Woman 22" x 24" $350

Look Inside 24" x 22" SOLD

Mermaid on Convertible 24" X 26" $350

Cat Woman $225 SOLD


Butterfly Woman $350 SOLD

                                          Tree of Humanity $250 SOLD 

Tara Mother of God. 

Each view is inside 5" x 7" matt opening

close ups before they went into the matt

$350 SOLD

$225 SOLD

 donated to Barnstone Art Center Auction


$225 SOLD


$175 SOLD

$225 SOLD

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