Wearable Art Coats, Jackettes, Tunics and Shawls


revversible  "jackette"

A massive vintage embroidery or needlepoint 

is the centerpiece of each shawl and coat. 

NFS this one is a keeper. I wear it a lot. 

This next one features a massive folkloric needlepoint on back, mixed vintage folkloric bark cloth on the outside and vintage silk lining. Pom pom fringe is cotton. 

vintage silk lining

Next shawl features vintage 2 kitty cats in a basket embroidery, vintage linen, crushed velvet lining and rayon fringe.


This is probably the best coat I've ever made and I love it so much. MASSIVE crewel embroidery on the back, multiple fabrics combined on the sides, sleeves and front for a real stunner. $650 sold


Fabulous combination of beautiful 
lightweight but substantial looking vintage fabrics 
and colorful hand embroidered peacock on back.

$550 sold

I made it for myself to wear when I am out and about 
with Sew Bee Mine.

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