I was just beginning to make one of a kind wearable art coats 
when the pandemic happened. Then I switched into making cloth masks. Now back making all kinds of things as my county slowly opens up. My hope is to be back at The Phoenixville Farmer's Market in October.

Each coat was inspired by a vintage embroidery piece, which is integrated into the back of the design. 

A gigantic vintage crewel embroidered floral was the inspiration 
for this one of a kind spectacular 
medium to heavy weight art to wear coat.
Toile sleeves, textured side panels with hidden pockets, Sunset or sunrise (take your pick) fabric on the front. 
All seams inside are finished. A beautiful piece! Size L-XL


Birds on the front and birds in the back on this medium weight one of a kind wearable art coat with a vintage embroidered peacock on the back. Side pockets are a nice touch. All seams inside are finished. Nice mixture of vintage fabrics, 
including bark cloth sleeves


This one is not for sale. 
I made it for myself to wear when I am out and about 
with Sew Bee Mine.

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