Saturday, July 8, 2017

Doggie Beds and Bed Covers

I got sick of looking at our dog Pearl's dirty bed. I buy the ones that have a zipper so you can take the cover off and wash it, but never able to get the cushion back in after washing. And the beds are not very exciting to look at, even after washing they still look dirty. I usually throw them away and buy another one.

Soooo, decided to make my own and came up with a beautiful, durable, removable washable dog bed cover which I stuffed with two bed pillows! Ta Da!

And of course everyone who saw it at our July Red White and Blue Party said you ought to make those and sell them! So I did, am.

There's small, medium and large. So easy to pop the inserts out and wash the cover, AND the pillow inserts. One standard size bed pillow fits for small. two standards for the medium and two king size for the large. You can wash the pillows too, and put them in the dryer.

No zipper, snaps or buttons, nice design in back hides the pillow but makes it easy to pop them in and out for cleaning.

I am selling them with and without the pillows inside. You can also stuff them with blankets, towels, etc. and of course your own pillows.

Say goodbye to dirty beds, and hello to clean ones. You can wash the the covers and pillows once a week and still looking good! I will be putting these in my Etsy store soon.

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