Monday, July 30, 2018

Fun Zippered Pouches from Sew Bee Mine

I took a class at The Quilt Block a couple of weeks ago to learn how to put a zipper into a pouch. It was easy in the class because we just used one piece of fabric so there was no right side or wrong side when putting the zipper in....

The first attempt at home included patchwork on the outside vintage cotton on the inside. It was way more complicated and first off resulted in zipper on the inside when done, so had to throw it away. Then came the next one, had to do the zipper over TWICE, sewed the bee on upside down, topstitching on zipper was off......kept having to fix it, cut out the zippers. The pouch got smaller and smaller. LOL! 

Final product looks pretty good. Next one hopefully will go a lot more smoothly. Need more zippers!


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