Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sew Bee Mine Phoenixville Farmer's Market

Fabrics from all over the world inspire me every day, 
such as African dashiki body and tail in this wandering merman
and the owl doll using vintage saris from India

 Vintage Hawaiian Barkcloth Apron
Two Dashikis and Dutch Wax Batiks were used to create the apron on the left and a tea towel from Ireland was the inspiration for the one on the right.

Carpet bags using vintage needlepoints from Israel. 

The big outer pocket on this carpet bag is Hmong hand embroidery from Cambodia

Mexican Embroidery on Half Apron

                 Love using American vintage cross stitch samplers to make aprons.

Here's a dress with batiks from India

It's still a bit chilly out here on the East Coast but spring is just around the corner. I've been busy during the winter months building inventory for upcoming shows.
I will be back at my stomping grounds 
The Phoenixville Farmer's Market under the Gay Street Bridge 
on Saturday April 11th from 10 to 12

Next stop for Sew Bee Mine is A Whole Lotta Lulu 
Main St Phoenixville

Friday May 10th and Saturday May 11th
2451 Kissel Hill Road  Lancaster PA 17601

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