Saturday, December 5, 2020

Paper House Luminaries

 So happy that all the Christmas Cats found good homes, and a check for ALL the proceeds went to PACS! 

Now busy making tiny houses with LED votives inside to deliver to my local friends. Have also mailed some hither and yon. This one was made with handmade batik paper. Love the way the light shines through the wax areas, but the paper is a bit flimsy.

Double sided scrapbook cardstock makes more sturdy houses.

The PDF pattern was downloaded from Catheholden a few years ago, and just now getting around to making them. Have made about 30 so far. On a tiny house roll.

I was using the little clothespins but found them so fragile, easy to fall apart when opening and closing. So modified by punching tiny holes in the seam on either side of the top roof panel and threading with ribbon. I knotted both ends of the ribbon so it wouldn't come back through the punched holes when opening and closing the house to turn the light on inside. 

Ta Da!

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